A Partner in Completing the Books that Only You Can Write

It’s a new world for writers. Anyone can now release a book directly to the public.

But will it say what you want it to say? Will it look professional? And do you know how to meet the requirements of the new publishing platforms?

I offer services directly to writers. From initial idea to final digital or printed pages, I help authors complete better books.

Good editing is like straightening your tie and combing your hair before you leave the house. It makes you look good. It helps readers hear your words instead of being distracted by an unprofessional appearance. I work with you to carry your voice and your intentions to your readers.

Services include:

  • Copyediting: removing misspellings, improving punctuation, and assuring correct grammar.
  • Content editing: checking manuscripts for logical flow, suggesting improvements in language, and more.
  • Formatting: creating attractive layouts for print or ebook publication.
  • Coaching: providing support, accountability, and creative problem-solving during the process of writing.

Let’s talk about how I can help you with your writing. For more information, call me at 432-352-7071 or email me at anna@annaparadox.com