Who is?

Anna Paradox is a farm girl from Paisley, Oregon.

She is a graduate of the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon with a B.A. in English and minors in Mathematics and History.

She is a veteran of two very different writers’ groups: the competitive, professional Pulphouse writers’ group in Eugene, OR and the supportive and friendly High Desert Writers of Bend, OR.

The word “paradox” began following her around in the early 80’s. She began using it as a pen name in the 90’s and made it legal in 2007.

She is a paid author of poker articles and science fiction. Her poker column ran at Gutshot.com at the height of the internet poker boom, and her science fiction stories appear in anthologies including Polaris, Space Pirates, Space Horror, and A Kepler’s Dozen.

She is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach — a training which enhanced her listening skills, problem-solving, and devotion to supporting others to express their own best selves.

She completed a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics at New Mexico State University in 2013. Her thesis examined the payback period for straw bale insulation of manufactured homes. She held a 4.0 GPA.

She has been a voracious reader for over 40 years and reads quickly. She has been paying attention to writers and writing for over 30 years — reading about writing, studying writing, and talking to writers.

Since beginning paid editing in 2005, she has contributed to over two dozen books. She has particular expertise in poker, memoir, wisdom, and science fiction genres.

She puts all this experience and talent at the service of authors by the hour or, by special arrangement, by the project. She works best with writing in her fields of interest. If you have writing you’d like to improve, why not email her at anna@annaparadox.com to discuss it? She offers free initial consultations.